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Code Signing Certificates

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Purchase a Code Signing Certificate by April 24th with a validity period of up to three years and avoid the heavy-lift of upcoming CA/B Forum. During these 3 years, you will not be required to switch to a hardware-based token. Between now and April 24, 2023, you can purchase Sectigo OV Code Signing certificates, avoid the cost of the token and shipping, lock-in the use of software-based certificates for the next 3 years, and we're adding a fourth-year free.

Automated Vulnerability Scanning

The complex, dynamic environment of your enterprise IT architecture is a modern marvel. It’s also a major risk. Every day your organization is in constant jeopardy of suffering a security breach from threats originating both externally and internally. Vulnerability scanning can be the answer to finding and fixing the weak points in your organization’s security.

Discover ”MyVAS®”, the easy, cost-effective vulnerability assessment solution to enhance your enterprise security.

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SiteLock Website Security

Take Control of your Web Security

We provide affordable, powerful cybersecurity software solutions designed to allow small to midsize businesses to operate without fear of an attack. Watch the video to the right and learn more now.

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Keeping on top of your security with SSL247® is effortless – we offer all the tools in one, easily manageable place. With dedicated support to top it all off.

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