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SHA-1 is no longer a theoretical threat

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SHA-1 is no longer a theoretical threat

From our ongoing communication, you may have noticed that the SHA-1 algorithm is being progressively replaced by SHA-2 – some browsers already display SHA-1 security warnings.

After a new report was released last week, security experts are strongly urging website owners to ensure their SSL certificates are using the SHA-2 algorithm, following the successful “Freestart Collision” on SHA-11.

What this means for you

While this type of collision does not lead to a full SHA-1 collision directly, it enabled security experts to better predict the possibility of a successful SHA-1 attack on the remaining 24.2% of websites still relying on SHA-1 (as of October 2015)2:

The price of a full SHA-1 collision is now estimated to cost hackers as little as $75K and requires a mere 49-78 days3 – this means attacks on websites still using SHA-1 are already feasible for criminal syndicates, two years earlier than initially estimated and a year before browsers mark SHA-1 websites unsafe4.

Check if you’re using SHA1

The report highlights what we, at SSL247® have emphasised since 2014 and falls in-line with our latest webinar, which talked about a smooth migration to SHA-2:

We urge all customers to renew or reissue their SHA-1 certificate now to avoid putting their website’s security at risk.

Upgrading to SHA-2 smoothly with SSL247®

The latest report is another reminder of why preserving your website’s security is essential. At SSL247®, we offer three ways of upgrading your SSL to SHA-2 easily with minimal effort:

  • Renew your current SSL through your dedicated account manager.
  • Competitive Replacement for new clients, switches your SSL provider to a trusted partner CA.
  • Reissuance is quick and easy to do through either your account manager, or electronically via the MySSL® portal.

Any remaining time on your current certificates will also be added onto your new certificate – so you won’t lose out.


If you have any questions or simply want more information, contact one of our accredited specialists for a FREE no-commitment consultation now.

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