GlobalSign tops February Netcraft survey

Last month, more people chose GlobalSign compared to any other SSL provider, the latest Netcraft survey results have revealed.

With over 2000 SSL certificates issued during the month of February, GlobalSign continues to grow.

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Phishers use Japan disaster as bait

The United States Computer Readiness Team (US-CERT) and the SANS Institute have issued warnings about phishing attacks following the recent Japan disaster.

Fake sites are being set up and phishing emails sent out to drive people to the sites to make donations to supposedly help victims of the quake.

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VeriSign joins Facebook

Each month an increasing number of us are beginning to spend more than time on Facebook. We’re starting to part with our cash too. And world-leader in online Trust, VeriSign, is helping to protect customers in Facebook’s online shops.

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New York Senator tells Amazon and Twitter to increase web security

Senator Charles Schumer has asked Amazon, Twitter and Yahoo to tighten their security measures by deploying SSL encryption to their sites.

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ICC – perfect bait for phishers

Data leak prevention experts, Cryptzone, predict phishing will rise this year, and the cricket world cup seems to be the perfect bait.

Cricket fans are being lured to fake sites by emails that promise special packages such as champagne brunches at the world cup’s grand finale. Once there, they’re asked for credit card details. Personal information is also requested, which one IT expert said would be “further used by cyber criminals leading to financial losses to the victim.”

SSL certificates with Extended Validation put a massive hole in phishers’ nets – EV SSL makes it practically impossible for phishers to hijack sites or online brands.

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BBC injected with Malware

Security solutions company, Websense, this week found malware injected into the BBC’s 6 Music and 1Xtra radio streaming sites.

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Mobile applications – are they safe to download?

ABI research reports that, last year, smartphone app downloads topped 6 million.

This growing market is also a growing concern in terms of security threats. Mobile apps can be tampered with and malicious code inserted. And it’s not just users whose security is jeopardized. Entire networks could suffer.

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GeoTrust comes out on top… again

For the eighth month in a row, GeoTrust has come out on top of the Alexa Netcraft Index of the top one million websites, as the leading provider of SSL certificates.

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No matter what your size, the VeriSign site seal is worth a try

New business site, Business Insider, recently focussed on the VeriSign site seal – and whether it can make a difference to small businesses, which sometimes have trouble creating confidence during the checkout procedure.

‘Yes’ it concluded. With features like the new VeriSign seal-in-search, that can actually bring new customers on board, the VeriSign site seal is definitely worth a try for small and large businesses alike.

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Finally! SSL security for Facebook users

Facebook has finally granted its users SSL security for their entire sessions. Previously, users were only secured during login.

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VeriSign Serving President Obama

VeriSign CEO, Mark McLaughlin, will join President Barack Obama’s National Security Telecommunications Advisory Committee.

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VeriSign EV helps sites across the globe increase their transactions by up to 87%

In tests, dozens of sites across the globe have boosted their transactions after switching to VeriSign EV SSL certificates. Uplifts range from 5% right up to online proofreading company Papercheck’s 87% increase in registrations.

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Customers spend 27% more thanks to VeriSign certificate

VeriSign has helped boost sales conversion rates for online pharmacy

After purchasing an Extended Validation certificate from VeriSign – the world leader in online trust – reported conversions were 33.6% higher from customers who saw the site's EV certificate, which turns browser address bars green.

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GeoTrust is a winner this holiday season

This holiday – and shopping – season, the busiest websites will be secured by GeoTrust.

According to the latest Alexa Netcraft Index, the monthly measure of SSL certificates on the most visited domains, GeoTrust came out on top with 35,311 unique domains. VeriSign was second with 30,115, and Go Daddy came in behind with 27,171.

With SSL certificates in over 150 countries, GeoTrust is the second largest digital certificate provider, while VeriSign remains the number one sign of trust on the internet.

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Firesheep means you don’t have to be a hacker to hijack accounts

Now, unencrypted websites accessed via wifi connections are leaving their users exposed, thanks to Firesheep – a new extension of Firefox.

Firesheep collects users’ login information and saves it in a Firefox browser. Accounts can be taken over by simply clicking on them. Hijacking account information has never been easier.

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63% won’t shop on sites without security policies

A recently published 2009 survey by McAfee and Harris Interactive, found that 63% of adults wouldn’t shop on a site that doesn’t display a sign of trust, like a site seal or a security policy.

And nearly half of the 516 adults that took part in the survey said they had terminated an order or abandoned their shopping carts because of security fears.

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Facebook and Twitter fail security exam

Facebook and Twitter failed a recent security review by security think tank 'Digital Society' because they 'don't use complete SSL authentication'.

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Online shoppers urged to check for SSL on 'Cyber Monday'

This holiday season, Microsoft is urging Americans to shop safely online, with its ‘Cyber Monday security shopping tips’. Cyber Monday (11/29/10) is the Monday following Thanksgiving – and one of the busiest online shopping days of the year.

As well as installing antivirus and antispyware, and choosing strong passwords, Microsoft also asks consumers to check sites are protected withSSL encryption.

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Hotmail users get SSL protection

Hotmail recently went from a ‘http’ to a ‘https’ site, giving its worldwide users better protection.

Previously, personal data was unencrypted after login, leaving Hotmail users open to hackers. Now, data is encrypted for entire sessions, thanks to the site's new SSL certificate.

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Over half a billion web hits in one day… thanks VeriSign!

Displayed on more than 100,000 websites, the VeriSign site seal is by far and away the number one seal of trust on the internet.  And global software company, Symantec, have reaped the rewards of choosing VeriSign as their SSL provider, with over half a billion views in one day. 

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