Thawte Code Signing Certificate

Make your code as safe as shrink-wrapped software your customers can buy in stores, with the Thawte Code Signing certificate.

By signing and securing your software, you’ll banish the ‘unknown publisher’ pop-up. Take a look below. Before signing, customers won’t know your files are safe to run. After, there will be no doubt in their minds that you are a trustworthy and professional individual or organization – and that can only increase your download and distribution rates.

Want to be sure the Thawte code signing certificate is right for your business? Or are you ready to buy?

It’s important you choose the right certificate for your business, and our friendly team of impartial SSL specialists are here to help. Contact them now if you have any questions OR if you are ready to buy. Phone +1 855 207 2255 or email There’s also our code signing FAQ, which you might find useful.

Benefits and features:

  • Authentifies and verifies the source of your code as trusted and unmodifed.
  • Banishes error messages and security warnings.
  • Organization validation – customers see your validated company details in the certificate.
  • Signs an unlimited number of components over the certificate’s lifetime.
  • 30 day money-back guarantee and Platinum customer service and support from SSL247®.

Available platforms:

Microsoft Authenticode

For .exe, .cab, .dll, .ocx and .xpi files

Sun Java

For .jar files and Netscape objects

Microsoft VBA

VBA macros and objects files for Microsoft Office

Adobe AIR

Compulsory for .air and .airi files

Apple Mac

For .app files and Apple applications

Ready to buy? Call +1 855 207 2255

To buy your Thawte code signing certificate, call our friendly team on +1 855 207 2255. We’re sure you’ll be pleased with our service. TESTIMONILS – and the best compliment of all is all the business we get from one customer recommending us to another. Try us out for yourself today.

Price - 1 year: $182 | 2 years: $335