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Symantec is the most trusted brand on internet.

All of the Fortune 500 companies use Symantec SSL certificates to secure their businesses. Moreover, Symantec secures over half of the world’s business data.

It’s no surprise, then, that 94% of people want to see Symantec’s Norton Secured Seal over any other site seal before they complete their online transactions. (U.S. Online Consumer Study, February 2011.)

Use the Norton Secured Seal to your advantage in search engine results

The Norton Secured Seal comes with Seal-in-Search functionality to display the seal next to your URL in search engine results. You will directly stand out from your competitors and generate more traffic to your website.

Protect your visitors and your website from Malware

The Norton Secured Seal provides a daily anti-Malware scan for your website. Anti-Malware scan results are shown on the page of the seal. If a page is infected, you will be alerted immediately by email. This could save you from being backlisted by search engines and losing customer confidence in your site – and your business.

Benefits and features:

Price 1 year: $299 | 2 years: $495 | 3 years: $695

  • Confidence in your site and your business.
  • Authentication: verification of your domain name and that your company really owns it.
  • Daily anti-Malware scan by Symantec to ensure the security of your visitors and your business.
  • Seal-in-Search will enable you to gain a competitive advantage in search engine results.
  • A free security consultation for your business plus ongoing technical support from your personal account manager – one of our friendly SSL consultants.

Want to find out more or order the Norton Secured Seal?

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Where to display the Norton Secured Seal on your website:

To put your customers at ease, we recommend you place your Norton Secured Seal in the following places:

  • Near the top of your homepage where visitors will see it without scrolling.
  • Next to action buttons where customers submit or enter information online.
  • On shopping and checkout pages.
  • Any page on your website where customers need assurance.

Seal-in-Search is enabled through Symantec partnerships with third party technology providers and website owners, and is enabled on more than 75 million desktops. Symantec is working to make seal-in-search as prevalent as possible but does not guarantee its availability.


Norton seals are viewed more than half a billion times a day on more than 100,000 websites in 170 countries and in search results on enabled browsers, as well as partner shopping sites and product review pages. When website visitors see the Norton Trust Seal, they are less likely to abandon a transaction and more likely to do business with you online.

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