PersonalSign 2 Pro

GlobalSign PersonalSign 2 Pro

Prove your personal identity when sending important documents. Unlike the Department ID, your recipient will be in no doubt as to who they are working with. More personally, the documents will be signed off on an individual basis as opposed to department. This is perfect if you are dealing very closely with a customer on a personal level, by ensuring the recipient knows that they are maintaining a dialogue with their dedicated consultant, for example.

With the PersonalSign 2 Pro you'll be able to sign off documents and emails with the same legal standing as a hand-written signature. This is ideal for sending important documents, requiring a signature, quickly.

Your recipient will also know that your message hasn't been tampered with on its way. This is a good builder of confidence if your message contains sensitive information.

Start digitally signing your important email and documents today and experience the marked improvements they can make on sales and customer relations.

Find out more about our Personal IDs in the dedicated section of our Knowledge Base.