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Averting an ongoing hack is no longer enough to guarantee YOUR security – stop a hack BEFORE it happens, with our accredited PenTest.


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We're now offering a free vulnerability scan for the website of your choice. This scan will identify any cracks or weaknesses in your website's code that could be exploited by hackers.

Did you know?

  • Over 21,000 web pages are infected every single day*
  • It can take up to a month to repair a malware attack*
  • 75% of websites currently have flawed security*
  • While 81% of companies are worried about advanced malware, only 44% are currently using technology to combat advanced security threats*

Don't hesitate - make use of our FREE vulnerability scan today. As it's a cloud-based solution, there's no installation and no commitment required. Click 'Try it Now' below and fill out the short form to get started. You'll receive an email confirming your scan is under way, and a second e-mail when the report is ready.

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What will this free vulnerability scan search for?

The vulnerability scan will detect any outdated software you may have, as well as any vulnerabilities in your applications such as cross site scripting, SQL injections or .htaccess files vulnerabilities.

Other great HAFEATURES include advanced malware detection (combining existing anti-malware scan technology from multiple sources – Symantec, McAfee, Google, Yahoo – and Artificial Intelligence), reputation & blacklisting monitoring, speed & uptime monitoring, personalised reports, and much more!

See more details HAPRESENTATION.
Or get in touch with our web security specialists for more information:

 1-800-511-9176 (London office)

*Sources : Sophos, Deutsche Telekom, Quocirca, Google, McAfee

Averting an ongoing hack is no longer enough to guarantee YOUR security – stop a hack BEFORE it happens, with our accredited PenTest.


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