GeoTrust EV Certificates

GeoTrust EV

Your GeoTrust EV certificate will trigger the famous green bar of trust. This will provide your customers with instant recognition that your site can be trusted. And with greater trust comes greater transactions. If your website asks for sensitive data such as medical records or bank details then you should use Extended Validation (EV) to prove your trustworthiness. EV validates your domain and your organisation - proving you are who you say you are.

The green EV bar is preferred by 93% of online shoppers - Source:

To further boost sales, the GeoTrust EV site seal serves as a powerful trust-inducer for your customers. GeoTrust is among the most widely-recognized web security brands; it’s a name to inspire confidence in your business.

Your site seal will be customized with your business’ name so there’ll be no doubting your commitment to security. Additional server licenses and replacement certificates come at no extra cost. And best of all, we’re with you every step of the way; one of our consultants will be dedicated to expediting your order and offering support whenever you need it. Plus, you can manage your GeoTrust EV certificate and your other SSL247® services straight from your powerful MySSL® portal - a sleek dashboard, designed with smart and simultaneous management in mind.

Here’s the two GeoTrust EV certificates we have available:

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