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We save you time and stress by taking care of all the administrative part of Brand Protection: with your cooperation, we will fill in all forms required by the TMCH, who is in charge of approving the registration to brand protection. 

Your dedicated account manager will :

  1. Collect all necessary documents
  2. Double check everything and send the forms to the TMCH
  3. Make sure the TMCH validates the registration within 20 days
  4. Store your SMD file on your MySSL® account
  5. Provide you with notifications about new gTLD releases, and will assist you throughout the whole duration of our services

We make sure that nothing is missing, or false, and we are in direct contact with the ICANN, so registration is much faster, with less hassle.
Of course, our service does not stop after the approval of ICANN : we keep you clearly informed about new gTLDs, with a dedicated support, even after the gTLDs you were looking for are released.

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