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WHOIS is a database containing contact and registration information for domain names. By searching it you can discover a number of things about the domain’s ownership and registration.

For example you can find out who registered the domain, with what registrar and even contact details so you can get in touch.

It’s a useful tool to check the availability of any domain name you may wish to purchase. However it can be used for mischievous purposes...

What is WHOIS privacy?

We offer WHOIS privacy as an add-on for some of our domain names. With this privacy your details won’t be displayed, instead generic information will be listed, preventing malicious spammers and scammers harvesting your details. We hide contact names, phone numbers, email and post addresses. Any enquiries will still be sent to your email address however for genuine enquiries.

WHOIS is only available using the following extensions:

  • .com
  • .net
  • .org
  • .info
  • .biz
  • .co
  • .ca
  • .fr
  • .me
  • .ws
  • .tv
  • .cc
  • .xxx
  • .mobi
  • .tel
  • .bz
  • .com.co
  • .net.co
  • .nom.co
  • .it
  • .name

What do the WHOIS results mean?

A WHOIS search result will throw up a lot of information. Here’s what it all means:

  • Domain: The domain name you’ve searched for
  • Created: The date the domain was registered
  • Last-changed: The last time something was changed regarding the domain name
  • Registration-expiration: When the domain will expire if not renewed
  • Name server: This tells the world where to look for the DNS results for that domain name.
  • Status: The status of the domain name can either be:

Set by the registry. The registrar can modify and renew this domain.

Set by the registry. The registrar cannot delete or modify this domain until the registry removes the registry-lock status. It can be renewed however.

Set by the sponsoring registrar. Modification and deletion are unavailable to the registrar. It can only be modified if the registrar removes the registrar-lock status. The domain can be renewed.

Set by the registry. Modification and deletion are unavailable to the registrar.  To alter the domain the registrar must remove the registry-hold status. Can be renewed.

Set by the registry when a registrar requests that domain name to be deleted, and it’s been registered for longer than 5 days. The domain can only be restored, not modified – if a registrar requests to modify it, the request will be denied. It will be held in this status for 30 days max.

Set by the registry. This is for when a registrar requests the restoration of a domain in the redemption period. Requests to modify will be rejected. The domain will remain pending restore until restoration documents are completed by the registrar. It will revert to redemption period status if these aren’t completed in 7 days. If completed in seven days it will be restored to active status.

Set by the registry. This status is achieved once a domain has been in redemption period status and not restored by the registrar. Registrar requests to modify or update will be rejected. After 5 days in delete status it is removed from the registry database.

  • Admin-c: The contact details for the owner of the domain name
  • Tech-c: The name of your registrar
  • Bill-c: The name of the company that pays for the domain directly

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