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How to reissue your certificate in SHA-2 with SSL247®

First of all, determine whether your SSL certificate uses SHA-1 or SHA-2 with our SHA-1 checker

Step 1: Generate a new CSR by referring to our CSR tutorial.

Warning: You must use the same CSR information initially used for this certificate. If you have forgotten what information was used, please follow these instructions:

  1. On your certificate details page (see screenshot below) of your MySSL® account, select "Download existing CSR"
  2. Once CSR information has been downloaded, copy and paste the content in our CSR decoder. The information initially used will be displayed below the decoder
  3. Use this information to generate a new CSR.

Step 2: Once you have the right CSR code, go to your certificate details on your MySSL® account and find the re-issue certificate section at the bottom of the page.

Paste your new CSR in the right field and click on "Validate CSR," it will then be sent to your Certification Authority who will check that the information sent matches their database.

Once completed, your certificate will be re-issued with SHA-2 automatically within two hours and a new certificate to install will be sent to your e-mail.

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