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Our Healthcheck feature is an advanced component of MySSL , it measures the quality and effectiveness of your system’s security and infrastructure. This valuable auditing tool is super quick and efficient when analysing your SSL certificate server configuration. We will assess the quality of your SSL by giving you an A, B, C etc. You will get a full report and explanation of the grade attained.

It checks:

  • If the certificate uses a weak hash algorithm
  • If the certificate is properly installed
  • The quality of your server configuration
  • If your certificate is valid
  • If your certificate is trustworthy
  • If your certificate is on the “Certificate Transparency” logs

The Healthcheck verifies the server configuration these settings:

  • If the certificate uses the correct chain
  • Protocol support
  • Key exchange support
  • OCSP support
  • Vulnerability to BEAST, POODLE, FREAK, Logjam and Heartbleed attacks

Any of the following result in a low rating:

    • Invalid certificate
    • Expired certificate
    • Revoked cerificate usage
    • Weak chain
    • Use of vulnerable protocols (SSLv2, SSLv3, TLS 1.0) & cipher suites (RC4)

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