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From your MySSL® platform, there are four ways to order a certificate:

1 - You can use the panel Order a new certificate in the dashboard.

2 - Still on the dashboard, you can browse certificates by brand

3 - If your account manager has set-up preferential prices, you can see them right under the browse certificates by brand panel.

4 - You can also click on My Products on the left menu to view all the available certificates.

On this page, the certificates are sorted by brands (Symantec, Thawte, RapidSSL, GlobalSign and GeoTrust). For every certificate, you can view the price for one year, or the preferential prices if your account manager has enabled them.

Once you have chosen your certificate, click on "Order" at the right of the certificate price. On the next page, enter the domain name concerned by the certificate, and click on "Check". 

If you wish, you can now add SANs to your certificates. Enter the concerned domain name(s) and click on "Check" to add it (them). You can remove a SAN by clicking the link "remove" below the concerned line.

Choose the number of server licenses you wish to order. You can also choose a duration of up to 4 years depending on the certificate you choose.
On the right column, you can see more information about the certificate, such as supported and included add-ons.

Remember you get much lower ROI and much lower cost per year with multi-year certs (and less work!)

When you are done, click on Add to Basket.

You can now see the content of your basket. You can access your basket at any time by clicking on "view basket" on the top right menu displayed on every page, right under your name.

  • To remove an item, just click on the link "Remove" below it.
  • To change the number of licenses or the duration, click on the "Edit" button.
  • To go to payment, click on Confirm Order Details.

To complete your order, fill out the next form. Your billing contact address details should be automatically entered, but you can change them. If the details displayed aren't valid anymore, you can change it in the contact section.

Click on Complete when you are done.


You are now back in "My order history" and your purchase is displayed by product name and its corresponding domain name. You can see the status is incomplete and invoice is Unpaid. To purchase the certificate, you need to click on Payment required.

A pop-up window will open, asking for your payment details. The billing details should automatically appear but you can change them. Once done, click on Proceed on the bottom right of the window.

You will receive an email to confirm your order and your payment. The status of your certificate in My order history will appear as Completed.

Your certificate will be issued by the Certification Authority. The issuance time varies according to the type of SSL certificate you chose:

  • DV certificates : within 10 minutes
  • OV certificates : within 2 days
  • EV certificates: within 4 days
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