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To view your certificates, click on My SSL Certificates on the left menu. Subsections will appear right below, listing your certificate according to their status: Incomplete, Expiring, Issued, Stock, Pending, Expired, External, Cancelled... To search for a certificate, click on Search right under My SSL Certificates.

The central part of the page displays a search tool. If you have numerous certificates, you can search for a specific one by entering details such as the Common Name (aka Domain Name), the expiration or issue dates.

To view your issued certificates, click on "Issued" on the left menu. A list of your certificates will be displayed.

To see the certificate details, you can click on the button displaying an eye at the end of the line of that particular certificate. The other button will display 2 or 3 options:

  • View certificate (redirects you to the same page as the Eye button)
  • View order details
  • Free Vulnerability Scan (be careful, this option is only available once)

Clicking on "View certificate" will display all details about it. Clicking on "View Order Details" will redirect you to your order history.

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