The HackerProof trial: What is A/B mode?

May 25, 2018 in HackerGuardian

The HackerProof trial always runs in A/B mode. What does this mean?

Our HackerProof trust mark is visible by 50% of a site's visitors and not visible to the other 50%, based on unique IP addresses.

What is A/B?

  • A method of testing that allows you to compare and contrast two or more variables.

How do I compare the results?

  • Log in to your Sectigo account at to access 'trusts served' and 'hosted logo views' .
  • This will give you visibility into the number of users that have moused over or clicked through the HackerProof trust mark on your site.
  • But, more importantly, it will give you access to a number of views with and without the HackerProof trust mark and the number of conversions associated with each.