An exposed password let a hacker access internal Comodo files

July 30, 2019

Should you receive any client questions regarding the recent security breach at Comodo posted via

Please be aware that Sectigo is entirely unaffected by this Comodo breach. Our systems and data are completely separate from Comodo’s, and all of our and our customers’ information remains secure. Although we obtained a correction to the original, misreported TechCrunch article, many customers and prospects have asked us nonetheless. Please feel confident in informing customers and industry watchers that we are unaffected and are unassociated with Comodo Group.

Please consult the following post from Sectigo: Should you receive an inbound inquiry from an existing customer or prospect, please assure this person that we are secure from this breach, share the blog article, and immediately inform the appropriate sales person. Send any inbound inquiries from journalists, analysts, or security researchers to Liza Colburn and Tim Callan.