Internal - CCM InCommon Customers

June 24, 2018

Incommon is Different

Incommon MRAO help to organize the federation of schools and services including CCM. They perform password resets for RAOs. RAOs are referred to DRAOs for resets only. They also help organizations set themselves up in the CCM portal. But, they do not operate as a normal MRAO. Do not refer incommon customers to their MRAO unless its for password or organization changes. They also have branded guides but can use the regular guides if needed.

How to Identify InCommon Subscribers

1. Look up order number in OMS.

2. Account Type will be Web Host Reseller or Reseller *AND* one of the following:

  • T1: Internet2 & T2: Internet2
  • T1: Internet2

Note: If order in question does not match any of the above, then they are not an InCommon customer. Furthermore, many InCommon subscribers will come right out and tell you that they're an InCommon subscriber, but remember they won't always do this so use the steps above to determine if they are. Most US Educational institutions are InCommon subscribers and most of these subscriber domains will end in '.edu'. However, do be careful as there are a few that are not InCommon members such as: Rockefeller University, UCDenver, University of Colorado, University of Memphis. These few are standard Certificate Manager customers. (CCM Enterprise)

Current List of Subscribers

Popular InCommon sites