Certificate installation : Fortigate SSL VPN

May 25, 2018 in Security Appliance Device

Once you have purchased your certificate, and the domains have been validated as under your ownership, you will receive an email containing the certificate.
Once you receive your certificate issuance ZIP file, extract the file(s) contained in the ZIP file to the server. We recommend extracting these to the Desktop or a new directory all together.

Importing your SSL Certificate:

  1. Log into your FortiGate System.
  2. Browse to System > Certificates.
  3. Select Import > Local Certificate.
  4. Browse to the location and path of your SSL certificate.
  5. Click OK.

Importing your Intermediate CA:

  1. Browse to System > Certificates.
  2. Select Import > CA Certificate.
  3. Browse to the location and path of your Intermediate CA certificate.
  4. Click OK.
    Your Intermediate CA should be under the CA Certificate section of the certificates list.

Configuring your FortiGate VPN to use Signed certificate:

  1. Browse to VPN > SSL > Settings.
  2. In the Connection Settings section under the Server Certificate drop down select your new SSL certificate.
  3. Click Apply

    You have configured the Foritgate VPN to use the new SSL certificate.