CSR Generation - Code Signing for Adobe Air

A CSR is encoded text that contains information about the certificate requester. This information includes, but is not limited to, the publisher name for the certificate (referred to as a "Common Name"), organization name (if applicable), and a contact email for the certificate.

When creating a CSR it will export two files, these two files will be your CSR, which will be requested during enrollment, and a corresponding private key which should not be shared and will be required during installation.

CSR Generation Instructions

The following instructions will guide you through the CSR generation process on Adobe AIR.

Instead of generating the CSR and private key on your server or signing platform, the issuing Certificate Authority (CA) has supplied your Code Signing Provider with a unique script that allows you – the certificate requester - to generate the CSR and private key securely via browser during the enrollment process in your account. This process is very convenient for users and eliminates the hassle of running complicated command lines to output the required key pair.

You will need to use Firefox in order to securely generate your Code Signing certificate. Firefox has a unique function which allows for the CSR and accompanying private key to be generated securely and easily.

Note: The private key will be stored in the browsers certificate manager folder. You will obtain a copy of this after the certificate has been issued and downloaded in the same browser.