DCV on Multi Domain Replacement

June 28, 2021

There is a recent update in our system that affects all the Multi Domain replacement requests. In the past, if a customer is reusing a key on a Multi Domain replacement request, they need not to complete domain validation of the existing domains on the certificate. They need to complete the domain validation only for the additional domains that are going to be added to the replacement.

Due to recent update effected on 27-06-2021, there are few changes on the domain validation of a Multi Domain replacement. The new code that was deployed at 27-06-2021 only considers for reuse those DCV checks that were performed for the most recent certificate in a series of replacements. This means that if a DCV check was done for an earlier replacement (e.g. repl#3), and reused for the next replacement (e.g., repl#4), then it will no longer be reusable for subsequent replacements (e.g. repl#5 and beyond).

To help customers, we are going to update the new code to look at all of the earlier replacements rather than just the most recent replacement. We are expecting this enhancement go live in few days ( may be on July7,2021)

Recent DCV Reuse: This is not a new update, this process is in effect from 2011. DCV can be reused up to 7 days. When a customer trying to get a reissue of the certificate using a new CSR, within 7 days of certificate issuance, they need not to complete a domain validation for existing domains.