Determining why a file changed

February 10, 2021

1. SSH into one of the webservers.

Assuming you are in the CodeGuard repo, use the following command to SSH into web1.

ssh -i config/deploy/keys/deploy [email protected]

2. Open up a rails console.

One you have ssh'd into a webserver, type the following to open up the rails console


3. Download the trunk.

In the rails console type the following. This will download the trunk. The commit can be obtained by browsing to the specific backup date and copying the long string of numbers/letters from the URL.<id>), <commit>)

Afterwards, type exit to leave the rails console

4. View the most recent revision file.

The trunk will be downloaded to the CodeGuard shared data folder. You can view the latest revision with the following command:

cat /data/codeguard/shared/data/trunks/<commit>/website-<id>-trunk/revisions/<latest-revision>.json

5. Remove the trunk when you're done.

rm -r /data/codeguard/shared/data/trunks/<commit>