Internal Escalations - When to contact DBA and SASP teams?

July 5, 2018

Tier 1/Chennai agents: please move tickets to support escalations for Tier 2 to work with the DBA/SASP teams. This will ensure that the DBA/SASP teams only have to manage requests coming from a few people as opposed to the entire team. When placing a case on hold, select the correct hold reasons and leave detailed notes as to the next steps that need to happen.

Email distribution list [email protected] will be sent to all members of SASP development AND DBA team. Use it to escalate issues that require SASP dev team involvement.

These include:

  • error messages returned on web pages/forms (if issues with web pages themselves escalate to [email protected])

  • are occasions when SASP / OMS just behaves oddly

  • a task/function that previously worked no longer does

  • Alt DCV methods: showing DCV progress as sent but not valid yet (delays in processing queries) as well as issues where the public checkers show the information is fine but Rob's checker returns an error

  • Order stuck in "limbo," unable to be rejected

Email distribution list [email protected] will be sent to Earle and Robin only.

These include:

  • unlocking domains

  • setting / clearing / changing the primary domain for an MDC

    • (to change the primary domain in an MDC, the new domain must already be in the SAN list)
  • setting / clearing / changing the additional FQDN for a single domain SSL certificate

  • transferring, burning or adjusting funds

  • ad-hoc reports

  • issuing certificates which have failed to auto-issue despite all the requisite validation steps having been completed

  • reversing refunds

  • fixing reseller banner graphic names (the image name in OMS is incorrect and needs to be changed)

  • Enabling CAs onto an account

  • Unsubscribing/re-subscribing to email notifications

  • Reversing certificate rejections or occasionally revocations done in error.

  • ‘unexpiring’ IdAuthority and missing TrustLogo records

  • changing issuance email address - possible but only on escalated instances not for all customers (instead have customer cancel and re-order with the correct details.)
  • capitalization of domain names (escalate to Rob Stradling)
  • enabling 2FA for a CCM account (see CCM - Client Auth)
  • unregisterable domain requests
  • unable to add correct WhoIs info

How to escalate account changes to DBA

  • Make sure the email address from which is submitting the request for the change is from a listed person/email within the organization. Note: Usually admin email address listed on account
  • Make sure the person whose information is being requested to be updated is a person that has user credentials within the EPKI, RESELLER, WEB HOST RESELLER ACCOUNT.
  • If the individual has not been created please ask the admin of the account to create the user within their EPKI, RESELLER, WEB HOST RESELLER ACCOUNT.
  • If they are not able to you can create one for them "Only if the email is coming from the Admin email address on the account".
  • Note: To add a user to an existing EPKI Account Login> Click EPKI Manager> Click User Management> Click New User> Fill Out Form
    • First Name:
    • Last Name:
    • Email Address:
    • Login Name: "Usually first initial and last name" Ex:Jsmith
  • Once user has been created in SASP then you can forward email to [email protected]. Provide Account Number and Information that is needing to be updated.

How to escalate adding domains to an account to DBA


Email Subject line to include ticket number

Hello DBA,

Account #_________

Please add the list of domains to the CCC list for this customer.

TRAC ticket requests for the SASP Team

Please use TRAC to open all SASP –related dev tasks. As a rule of thumb – everything that is related to SSL certificates (Webhost Reseller portal, EPKi management, Reseller portal etc.) - is managed by SASP.

The only thing in SSL business that is under web dev team control (Jira) – are our retails websites (,,, – and in these sites everything until and including ordering page is under web dev control. is under the control of CAA. is still temporarily under the control of the marketing and the consultants.

The next steps in retails orders – Accept Agreement, payment details and order confirmation pages – are always under SASP control. Please see Screenshot # 1 and # 2 below to illustrate. And there are also SASP-managed ordering pages, see Screenshot # 3 below. Those are under SASP team control.

Screenshot # 1 Retails websites – ordering page – under web dev team control (all seteps after – are handled by SASP)

Screenshot # 2 Retails websites – ordering page – under web dev team control (all steps after – are handled by SASP)

Screenshot # 3 - SASP ordering pages – under SASP team control