Internal - EV Code Signing

July 17, 2018

We are now offering our customers EV code signing certificates. These certificates are NOT able to be downloaded via the browser and must be provisioned on a smart card or etoken. Currently only the Utah office (Will/Evan) is provisioning these tokens for the US; Caleb/Erline for Canada, and Nigel for the UK and Europe.

Please note we are updating the wording on our site and only offer Tokens at this time. We no longer offer smartcards.

There is no difference in processing these requests than any other EV certificate in terms of validation (EV code sign certs are valid for up to 3 years). But please note, the EV code signing certificates do NOT have a CSR associated with them.

The customer experience:
1. Place the order for the EV code sign certificate. Customer can choose to have it provisioned on a smart card (reader is included) or an etoken ($50 additional charge). We ship via USPS standard delivery so 4-5 business days. Customer can also pay for USPS expedited shipping (1-2 business days) for an additional $30 which includes tracking. We cannot offer expedited shipping outside the country it is being provisioned in because of customs.

2. Validate the order using the EV validation guidelines. Once the certificate has been validated, certain individuals will have the rights to provision this certificate onto the etoken. These orders will be processed daily in batches; if you validate an EV CS cert that pays for expedited shipping, then please email/skype the correct office so they can expedite the request.

3. Once provisioned, the customer will receive an email to the address they used to request the certificate verifying that the certificate has been issued and is in the mail. In Salesforce, we will create a ticket and send the customer the password needed to unlock the token. Tracking number is also provided. Do NOT provide the revoke password to the customer as this confuses them. This information should also be notated in AVS under notes.

4. The customer will receive in the mail a padded envelope with the media and instructions to use the previously emailed password to unlock the media in order to access the certificate.

Please note: the customer will need to download an application in order to read the media. It does NOT need to be Safenet and our current version is a trial only.

We are recommending they download safenet which is what we use in the office. One they download the application, they will launch it and then insert the media into their computer. The application will allow them to unlock the certificate (the password was previously emailed to the customer) and then use/manage it.

Resellers: Now that we are selling EV CS to resellers I want to confirm a few things:

  • we are to send the media directly to the customer address as verified in the certificate and not to the reseller to distribute
  • we are to send the customer the password email (to unlock the token) and tracking (if customer paid for expediting) and not the reseller
  • if the customer requested, we can send the media to another address as long as we can verify it is associated to the requesting company/individual
  • For the resellers, they have nothing else special they need to do for this - it's just like any other cert for them in terms of ordering, etc.