Internal - Workaround for Firefox wrong password when importing p12 into IE or MMC

October 5, 2018

Please see the below workaround with firefox if the customer has collected a certificate with with current firefox version or lower:
Here is the work around if a customer has already collected their cert in firefox.

The customer has exported the certificate with firefox and is unable to import into MMC or IE or other application

Download openssl for windows and install it.

Once installed have the customer search for openssl.exe,right click and open file location. Have customer go to the BIN directory and copy the full path

example: C:\OpenSSL-Win64\bin

Open command prompt window Windows key+R and type in CMD

Type CD (Path to BIN directory) Tap enter

Enter the follow commands

First command:

The prompt will change from C:\openssl Directory to Openssl>

pkcs12 -in {Full path to p12 file} -out ANYFILENAME.pem -nodes

This will create a .pem file with no password it will be stored in the users folder example:Eduardo Carvallo user folder. C:\users\eduardoc The name of the User currently logged on.

Second command:

pkcs12 -export -out ANYFILENAME.p12 -in ANYFILENAME.pem

It will ask to enter export Password Enter it twice.

Once done customer can import ANYFILENAME.p12 into MMC or IE

If customer has any distro of linux openssl is install by default, just open terminal with keyboard shortcut CRTL+ALT+T

No need to CD to any directory just type openssl enter and run commands.