Internal - How to get help from the WebDEVTeam for WHMCS issues

June 26, 2020

How to get help from the WebDEVTeam for WHMCS issues

For the WebDevTeam to properly assist with your request, you need to be able to provide as much detail as possible.

We understand that not all the information maybe available however, there is basic information readily available to all agents.

example: The store, order numbers, and any relevant customer info.

WebDev is working on creating an online form that support members will fill-in but, in the meantime, please help-us-help-you by providing as much detail as possible, using the template below:


Template format:

Link to Customer Profile:
Customer First Name:
Customer Last Name:
Customer Email:

Link to Order:
Order Number:
Order Date:
Order Amount:
Other Information
about the order we should know (e.g. Stub Order Number, package, CSR, etc.)

Summary of Issue:
Customer steps/actions that led to the behaviour:

Steps that support team member has done to replicate/confirm/address behaviour:


SSL-related requests
Here’s an example of what we require:

• The store the bug/request came from (e.g.,,, etc.) – This is primarily because each store and product have their own database with their own set of records. It will help us narrow down where we should set our focus.

• A link directly to the customer:

- if a link is not available, then (at a minimum) provide the Full Name and Email address of the customer.
One of the most key pieces of information you can provide us are the following:
- Customer Profile <- what we’re looking for is the WHMCS user ID you can find this by:

  1. logging into the WHMCS
  2. look up the customer by email
  3. Copy the URL which should look something like this
  4. The XXXXX is the user ID which is also visible here:

• A link to the order number
- if a link is not available, then (at a minimum) the order number, date, and amount.

• Other Information we should know

- I noticed that team members have been providing stub order number and context, this has been very helpful. <- More of this please!
- (e.g. CSR that customer tried to submit)

Summary of the issue:

- Steps that led to the behaviour
- Steps that support has done to replicate/confirm/address the behaviour.

Note: do not forward complete customer email to the team, have proper summary in the subject to highlight the issue.
example: Subject: Case # 5555555 - Order # 777777 - - internal error contact administrator when submitting CSR

Attach any (and all) screenshots of errors to the email.
In the event this is an ongoing issue, discuss with WEBDEVTEAM if a Jira bug should be raised so we might track all affected customers.