Internal - IIS HTTPS Validation .Well-Known Folder

August 9, 2018

IIS - create well-known folder

HTTP(S) Domain Control Validation requires you to place a file in a specific folder location on the web server. The location needs to be a hidden directory, which is done by adding a dot in front of the folder name. Windows Servers do not allow you to place a dot in a folder name, therefore you need to do the following:

1. Create a folder on the C-drive, name it well-known. In the recent created folder create another folder named pki-validation. Example:
2. Place the text file in the pki-validation folder.
3. Open the IIS Manager on the server, right click on your site and select Add Virtual Directory....
4. In the Alias entry fill in .well-known and in the Psychical Path entry fill in the path to the Well Known folder. Example:
5. End with OK, the folder and files within should work properly now.