Internal - Reseller: Banner Upload/Update Process

June 28, 2018

Banner Changes for Resellers (using default banner file names) In the event that a customer is using a standard banner of ours (default selections)

Such as:

Then please perform the following... (See below)

Note: Please do not ever request NOC change a default banner.

In order for support to correctly view a reseller banner image, you need to use will not have these images.

Banner Changes for Resellers

  • Request must come via a Kayako Support Ticket
  • It must be submitted by an authorized user (e.g. Admin Contact)
  • Locate account in OMS via details they provide you with.
  • Add a note to the ticket in the following suggested format...

Infra: Please upload attached GIF [ IMAGE_FILE_NAME_HERE ] for [INSERT_ACCT_#_HERE] to [/images/banners/reseller/OMS_BANNER_FILE_NAME.GIF]. Please do not respond to the customer and move back to Support Escalations when done. Thank you!

  • Move ticket to the Kayako queue labeled IT Helpdesk and ensure the ticket is in the OPEN state.
  • The Infra team will move the ticket back to Support Escalations to let us know this has been completed.
  • Double-Check OMS to ensure the logo is on the account now.
  • Respond to customer to let them know the banner is updated.

Default Banners:

Note In the event that the customer's OMS_BANNER_FILE_NAME.GIF is a Comodo default banner name, then simply give NOC a unique file name (e.g. the customer's Alliance partner ID [ ap ]) but keep the same file extension.

How to change a partner's banner file name

  • After performing the above, Banner Changes for Resellers, send an email to DBA using the following format, replacing the XXX accordingly:
Please update the partner banner path for the following customer:

* Account: XXX

* From: XXX
* To: XXX


Your account also entitles you to a complimentary Comodo PremiumSSL certificate, Identity Assurance, and Card Payment TrustLogos. Obtain these by using the webform and Partners and make sure they send the CSR and partner sign up order number: In order for you to obtain the complimentary ssl you must deposit funds into your reseller account minimum of $200 we will not provide you a free ssl certificate just for signing up. Once you deposit the funds into the account you can authorize the transaction and our accounts team will return the money back into the Reseller account. You will not be able to withdraw the amount or request it be returned to your credit card as this is necessary in order to keep your reseller account active. This is Comodo Reseller Policy.