Internal-The value of the ‘loginPassword’ argument is invalid!

September 19, 2018

This error is likely caused by a SASP -16:

Error Message: -16: Incorrect login details, account is locked, or password has expired.

A -16 is often caused by an out of sync SASP credential (2FA cert, username, password or incorrect AP) within the Customer’s account on CCM.

It could be a false flag as SASP might be blocking CCM’s IPs (See item # 1 above for the IPs needed) because of a misbehaving SASP account (i.e. one

that is sending bad creds and SASP auto-blocked the CCM IPs)

Troubleshooting steps:

  1. Locate the customer in Super Admin (e.g.
  2. Select them & click the Authentication button.
  3. View if there are any Authentication certificates set for the customer.

a. If there is an Authentication certificate set & it is not expired:

i. ensure a checkmark exists in the necessary cert type matching the products they’re enabled for. (e.g. Code Signing à Code Signing; SSL àSSL, etc.)

ii. Verify if the 2FA cert on the customer’s SASP account, matches the one in CCM. (verify by matching serial numbers)

b. If there is not an Authentication certificate set:

i. First, please check to see if their SASP password has expired.

1. Grab the customer’s account number or UserName from their CCM account.

2. Plug this value in to SASP. Make sure you don’t search beyond the current year! (e.g. 2018)

ii. If their password is expired


c. If there is an authentication certificate set but it is expired:

i. Enroll them for a new one.
ii. Email the certID & the customer’s account number to DBA.
iii. Include: [email protected], Tarek, Nicole & Sal.
v. Enroll the customer for one.
vi. Once enrolled, ask DBA to enable it by providing the certID & the customer’s account ID (more to come later)

1. Please ensure this email is sent to: [email protected] and Sal ([email protected])
2. The Subject should contain the customer’s company name & a case ID (e.g. ACME Safe Company – Case ID: 0012345
3. The body of the message should contain:
Please enable the following 2FA cert ID on our customer’s account:
Cert ID: 9057079543
Account ID: 7886182024
Thank you

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