Netscape E-Mail Certificate Installation

May 25, 2018 in Windows and Email S MIME

Netscape E-Mail Certificate Installation

Click to get your Secure Email Certificate

Firstly you will need to collect the email certificate from our system using Internet Explorer.

Then export it to a file using the following method:

  1. Select Tools, Internet Options, Content, Certificates
  2. Select the required certificate and click Export
  3. Go through the wizard and remember to select 'Yes, export Private Key'
  4. Remember to tick 'Include all certificates in the certificate path'.
  5. When the wizard finishes you will have a pfx file
  6. Copy this file to the machine running Netscape
  7. Start Netscape and select Edit, Preferences
  8. Open Privacy and Security
  9. Locate Certificates
  10. Select Manage Certificates
  11. Select Import
  12. The default is PKCS12 Files, which the pfx file is
  13. select the file exported earlier
  14. Enter a Master Password, this can be anything of your choice
  15. Next enter the password for the pfx file, used during the export
  16. The certificate should then be imported

Use the certificate in Netscape to specify which signing and encryption certificates to use with a particular account, begin from the Mail window:

  1. Open the Edit menu and choose Mail & Newsgroups Account Settings.
  2. Click Security under the name of the mail account whose security settings you want to configure.
  3. Under Digital Signing, click Select. (You may be asked to provide your Master Password before you can proceed further.) A dialog box appears that allows you to select from among your available signing certificates.
  4. Choose the signing certificate you want to use, then click OK.
  5. Follow the same steps under Encryption: click the Select button, select the encryption certificate you want to use, and click OK.