Response for customers asking for plan with large storage size

February 10, 2021

Hello <Customer>,

Your request is one that we may be able to accommodate even though we do not advertise plans of this size because it is not something that our customers generally need. Our service works extremely well (99.9%+ levels of reliability) for website and database backups, but we do not have many single accounts in the >1 TB range.

In this case, we want to better understand what your usage profile looks like to ensure that we can provide daily backups and the 99.9% levels of reliability we require. To try and reduce any additional back-and-forth, we have a few questions below that will help us determine if we are a good fit for your needs.

  1. Will this plan be for a single website or multiple websites? If so, how many websites? How many databases?
  2. Where is this content hosted? Which hosting provider and which hosting package is being used to host this currently? Is it a shared hosting package, VPS or dedicated server?
  3. How much disk space is consumed presently for each of the websites, databases and mail?
  4. Does this website (or websites) use a CMS like WordPress, Joomla or Drupal?
  5. What is the file makeup of this website (or websites)? For example, is it a video hosting site with a few very large files or is it a photography site with many medium size files?
  6. What changes are made to the site on a daily or weekly basis? For example, is it a product review blog with several posts and many new images daily? Or is it a largely static site with infrequent changes?
  7. What is your annual budget for backing up this content?

It's very important to us that if a customer signs up that we are able to meet their needs and deliver on the 99.9%+ levels of reliability daily, so we appreciate you taking the time to answer the questions above.


<Your Name>