Sectigo SSL Certificate Revocation List (CRL) FQDN and IP Addresses

We have migrated from our current CDN (for CRLs) to another provider, Cloudflare.

Benefits of new CDN:

  • Faster response time – CRL requests will be served from the closest location to the user with a dramatically improved average response time.
  • Additional new sites – more sites handling CRL request means improved availability and reliability all over the globe.

The Certificate Revocation List (CRL) is a list of certificates that have been suspended or revoked prior to their expiration dates. It is digitally signed by an IA and issued periodically or as needed.

It is strongly recommended that any firewall policies and/or access control devices use URLs and not IP addresses. If possible, white-list the below entry on your firewall policies and/or access control devices to ensure seamless access to our CRL services:


Updated IP Addresses
A full list is available from Cloudflare at