Signing Microsoft Windows User Mode Drivers

May 25, 2018 in Windows and Code Signing

Please use the latest version of signtool for this process. 'signtool' available in Windows 8.1 SDK or Windows 10 SDK should be good.

  1. Download the Sectogp cross-signed CA that matches your Code Signing certificate's Root CA.
  2. Open an elevated Windows command prompt (cmd) and run signtool.exe:

signtool.exe sign /v /p <your PFX password> /ac 'CROSS_SIGNED_SECTIGO_CA_HERE' /f YOUR_PFX_HERE /tr 'FULL_PATH_TO_FILE_TO_SIGN'

Example: signtool.exe sign /v /p <your PFX password> /ac 'addtrustexternalcaroot_kmod.crt' /f my.pfx /tr 'C:\\myfile.dll'

Note: For most customers CROSS_SIGNED_SECTIGO_CA_HERE can be downloaded from here:

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