TLS/SSL Maximum Validity Period Policy Change

As a result of a change in the policy requirements on Certification Authorities that resulted from consultation in the CA/Browser forum, Comodo CA will adopt a new maximum lifetime for all TLS/SSL certificates of 825 days. 825 days is just over 27 months. This change will take effect from March 1st, 2018.

This change does not affect any certificate issued before March 1st, 2018. No certificates will be revoked as a result of this change.

Comodo CA will be removing our 3 year TLS/SSL certificate products from our retail websites and from the Comodo Certificate Manager on or before March 1st.

In all cases where a customer receives a certificate whose duration has been capped at <825 days/approximately 27 months> when they had purchased a product that would otherwise have been valid for longer, the customer may subsequently replace or re-issue the certificate to regain the full benefit of the originally purchased duration.

E.g. For a customer that buys a 3 year TLS/SSL certificate on February 28th, but which is issued on March 1st, the customer will receive a certificate valid from 01-Mar-2018 to 03-JUN-2020, a lifetime of less than 825 days/approximately 27 months. That same customer may obtain a free replacement certificate during the lifetime of this certificate and the expiry date of the new certificate will be extended to reach the originally anticipated expiry date, although the less than 825 days/approximate 27 months cap will always apply. E.g. if the customer replaces the certificate after one year, the replacement certificate will be valid from 01-Mar-2019 to 01-Mar-2021.

The exact detail of the change to the Baseline Requirements is set out here:

For additional information please read our FAQ Article