Validation Brazil

August 30, 2018


AVS Business Category and Brazil Business Types

Business Entity:

  • Empresa individual (firma individual): ≈ individual proprietorship / sole proprietorship
  • Empresa Individual de Responsabilidade Limitada” – EIRELI
  • Micro empreendedor individual: ≈ individual enterprise
  • Sociedade em comandita simples: ≈ ordinary limited partnership
  • Sociedade em nome coletivo: ≈ general partnership
  • Sociedade em conta de participação: ≈ general partnership
  • Sociedade em comum: ≈ general partnership

Note: Face-to-face is not needed since the registering agency requires verification to create a company. But you can verify the individual and obtain telephone or address information using the CPF number search (see below).

Private Organization:

  • Sociedade limitada (Ltda.): ≈ Ltd. (UK)
  • S.A. (Sociedade anônima): ≈ plc (UK)
  • Sociedade simples: PLLC

Government entity:

  • Local
  • State
  • Federal
  • Empresa pública: ≈ Government-owned corporation
  • Sociedade de economia mista: ≈ Government-owned corporation


  • Associação em sentido estrito (sem finalidade lucrativa): ≈ nonprofit association
  • Organização não governamental: ≈ nonprofit association
  • Organização da sociedade civil de interesse público: ≈ nonprofit association
  • Organização social: ≈ nonprofit association
  • Serviços sociais autônomos: ≈ nonprofit association
  • Fundação privada: ≈ private foundation
  • Fundação pública: ≈ public foundation
  • Cooperativa ≈ cooperative

Registration QGIS

Private Organization registration lookup is by CNPJ number:
If you do not have a CNPJ number, go here to find the number by searching company name:
Sole Proprietor can use this lookup to verify face-to-face information if you have the CPF number and date of birth. The site may have an individual telephone listed and other personal information such as address: