In 2020, malicious attacks on web applications skyrocketed an astounding 800* percent. That’s why it’s of crucial importance to learn about your web applications’ security flaws before you launch, not after. The costs of finding and fixing vulnerabilities after an application launch are exponentially higher than they would be if the vulnerabilities had been found beforehand.

Most development teams, however, lack the internal resources and expertise to perform penetration testing. They’re busy enough trying to meet the always-tight deadlines imposed upon them which is why you need a full evaluation of your application’s security to remain protected against increasingly sophisticated attacks.

Our Penetration Testing service provides you with the best-in-class security services for supporting and advancing your organisation’s security posture. That’s because we uniquely combine comprehensive external and internal environment scanning technology with human oversight. Our hands-on experts use the same advanced hacking tools and methodologies as malicious hackers in performing a rigorous battery of customised tests.

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No other service offers the full, comprehensive range of tests, human hands-on expertise, and customised, post-test guidance that our Application Penetration Testing provides.


Access Management Testing

Ensures applications do not contain vulnerabilities that may permit unauthorised access to systems, data, and functionalities.


API Testing

Checks for security vulnerabilities within systems and functions; ensures that required authorisations and authentications cannot be bypassed.


Mobile Aplication Penetration Testing

Similar to penetration testing of web applications, but provides additional test coverages specific to potential mobile app vulnerabilities, such as testing for secure handling of data.


Injection Attack Testing

Examines code and system configuration for resistance to injection attacks (command injections; SQL injections; cross-site scripting, etc.).


Cloud Services

Check the configuration of your cloud platform to find potential security defects related to Identity and Access Management (IAM), storage, compute, database, network, DNS and application security


Penetration Test Report Generation

Tests application service vulnerabilities in public cloud and multi-cloud environments, including Amazon Web Services, Microsoft Azure, and Google Cloud.


Strategy / Prioritisation

Prioritise the importance of discovered vulnerabilities, and strategise an action plan for mitigating those vulnerabilities.

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