Most enterprises store at least some of their sensitive data on cloud platforms such as Amazon Web Services, Microsoft Azure and Google Cloud Platform all of which deploy security measures to try to protect your cloud presence. But you can’t assume that’s enough to assure the safety of your data. If you’re depending solely upon your cloud platform provider to protect your data, you’d be wise to rethink the approach.

Ensure Your Enterprise Cloud-Based Data and Apps are Not Your Least Secure.

We will provide you with a complete overview of the state of your organisation’s security, covering multiple points of vulnerability across your cloud environment.

Identify and Access Management

Ensures that access to systems, data, and applications is protected with the highest level of authentication.

Cloud Platform Configuration

Verifies that storage buckets, databases, and the compute engine are all secure.

Cloud Application Security

Ensures that applications exposed through your cloud platform are secure from attackers attempting to compromise the cloud platform, steal data, or install cryptominers used in the theft of cryptocurrencies.

Actionable insight:

Rather than leaving you with a sheaf of indecipherable reports, our CREST accredited experts will provide you with a customised, results-based action strategy and prioritisation plan. So, you’ll have a comprehensive view of your organisation’s current state of security, enterprise-wide and on the cloud, and an action plan for improving security moving forward.

No other service offers the full, comprehensive range of tests, human hands-on expertise, and customised, post-test guidance that our Cloud security assessment provides.

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