External penetration testing can be the answer to finding and analysing the weak points in your organisation’s perimeter security. But most organisations lack the internal resources and expertise to perform penetration testing. That’s why you need a penetration service that provides full coverage, safety and complete confidence.

Your enterprise IT environment is complex and dynamic — another way of saying difficult to protect. And attackers only have to find ONE point of vulnerability ONE time. But your perimeter security must protect you 100% of the time. It’s a big ask.

Our External Penetration Testing provides you with an overview of the state of your organisation’s perimeter security and covers the possible points of vulnerability from external threats.

The External Penetration Testing Process is Composed of 5 Phases



We’ll uncover information on the target company such as the structure and organisation, its public architecture etc. to evaluate the level of exposure and visibility online.



Once the perimeter is defined, we’ll discover systems and services available and identify potential vulnerabilities.



The majority of this phase is aimed at identifying the various faults and vulnerabilities on the audited perimeter.



We will attempt to exploit each of the previously identified vulnerabilities and gain access to sensitive information or take control of another machine.


Remediation Enablement

We’ll advise you on where your vulnerabilities are and the necessary precautions to take to mitigate risk of a real-life attack.

During the execution of the above phases, our accredited team will perform a broad range of tasks to evaluate and enhance the security of your perimeter. These would include the following:

  • Perimeter Testing
    Scrutinises your perimeter to identify weaknesses and vulnerabilities.
  • Customised Vulnerability Tests
    Performed by our white-hat experts using the same tools and methodologies available to malicious hackers.
  • Strategy/Prioritisation
    Prioritise the importance of discovered vulnerabilities and strategise an action plan for mitigating those vulnerabilities.

No other service offers the full, comprehensive range of tests, human hands-on expertise, and customised, post-test guidance that our CREST accredited team provides.

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