What Can You Do If You’ve Suffered a Security Breach?

A fast, sure-footed response is essential. Our incident response team is ready to help.

Our experts can determine to what extent your data and systems have been compromised and how to remediate the breach. They know how to pinpoint precisely how the attacker infiltrated your systems and which components of your infrastructure have been impacted.

They determine whether any lingering “infections” must be neutralised, such as hard-to discover malware, and last but certainly not least, our experts provide you with a clear understanding of what happened, and offer recommendations to prevent future security breaches.

Our Threat Response service helps you make the best of a bad situation by:

  • Performing a forensic analysis of your compromised system
  • Identifying the infrastructure elements that have been impacted, and the effects to data, systems availability, and business functionalities
  • Pinpointing the attack vector, the vulnerabilities the attacker exploited to gain access to the system
  • Discovering any implanted malware or viruses using static and dynamic analysis
  • Determining whether there has been a data leak that should trigger the notification of authorities
  • Recommending the best options for remediation
  • Formulating the best-approach countermeasures based on the path and techniques used to attack your environment

You will then be provided with a detailed, readable and actionable report. The report specifies exactly what happened and provides a timeline of events that occurred before, during, and after the incident.

No other service offers the full, comprehensive range of tests, human hands-on expertise, and customised, post-test guidance that our Incident Response provides.

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