Once attackers manage to breach your security perimeter — and you must assume that could happen — they can wreak havoc to the hacked system as well as use that entry as a launch point for attacks against your entire environment.

You must assume that hackers, at some point, will find a way to breach your security perimeter. Penetration testing for internal vulnerabilities is the answer to finding and analysing the weak points that threaten your organisation from within.

  • Probe for and leverage weaknesses in configurations and privileged access controls of critical business systems and sensitive data
  • Exploit instances of non-compliance with organisational IT security policies that often exist within internal systems, thereby gaining access to connected systems
  • Deploy a variety of hacking methodologies to steal data, inject malware, or plant ransomware

Consider the well-publicised SolarWinds breach that occurred in 2020. Attackers gained backdoor access, and then used escalated privileges that ultimately gave them internal systems access to around 18,000 of SolarWinds client companies.1

Given the threats both internally and externally, you shouldn’t have to feel overwhelmed with the burden of responsibility in ensuring your organisation’s security; virtually every enterprise, large and small, needs help finding those overlooked points of vulnerability.

1 “SolarWinds Hack Was ‘largest and Most Sophisticated Attack’ Ever: Microsoft President.” News release, February 14, 2021. Reuters.com. Accessed April 9, 2021. https://www.reuters.com/article/us-cyber-solarwinds-microsoft-idUSKBN2AF03R.

That’s why you need a penetration
testing service that provides:

A full, comprehensive range of tests, human hands-on expertise, and customised, post-test guidance from our Internal Penetration Testing.

Full Coverage

Tests and evaluates security extensively across the inside infrastructure of your enterprise

Comprehensive Safety

Testing that reveals inside vulnerability exposures through legacy systems

Complete Confidence

That security issues that could threaten compliance are found, documented and eliminated

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