IoT represents a complex, dynamic ecosystem that enterprises are struggling to protect. According to our research, less than ten percent of IoT devices have effective security built-in, which is why many IT teams are experiencing nervousness and frustration with IoT projects.

Most teams aren’t even able to offer a full accounting of all IoT devices deployed by their enterprise, let alone the state of each device’s security.

Common IoT Vulnerabilities

Most enterprises need help in identifying and securing the following common IoT vulnerabilities:

  • Use of insecure or outdated components
  • Insufficient privacy protections
  • Lack of physical hardening
  • Insecure network services
  • Weak, guessable, or hard-coded passwords
  • Non-existent or weak device identity and authentication mechanisms
  • Lack of secure update mechanisms
  • Insecure ecosystem interfaces
  • Lack of device management
  • Insecure default settings
  • Insecure data transfer and storage

Get a thorough overview of your IoT-related vulnerabilities

No other service offers the full, comprehensive range of tests, human hands-on expertise, and customized, post-test guidance that our IoT Penetration Testing provides.

Penetration Testing can be a key tool to aid in finding and assessing areas of IoT-related vulnerabilities such as:

IoT Cloud Services

Identifying weaknesses in public and private cloud applications, infrastructure, and configurations that connect, manage and use your IoT embedded devices.

IoT Protocols

Examining the device protocols used by device manufacturers, along with your implementation methodologies, to uncover structural vulnerabilities.

Embedded Devices

Scanning for open port and operating system vulnerabilities; verifying up-to-date software patch installation across all of your IoT device types and device manufacturers.

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