The complex, dynamic environment of your enterprise IT architecture is a modern marvel. It’s also a major risk. Every day your organisation is in constant jeopardy of suffering a security breach from threats originating both externally and internally. Vulnerability scanning can be the answer to finding and fixing the weak points in your organisation’s security.

Discover ”MyVAS®”, the easy, cost-effective vulnerability assessment solution to enhance your enterprise security.

MyVAS® is the first proactive vulnerability scanning solution that allows you to regularly inspect your information system to identify vulnerabilities in your environment and prioritise their remediation before attackers can exploit them.

By combining multiple automated scanning technologies with the analysis of our team of certified cybersecurity experts, we can provide a comprehensive assessment and appropriate remediation strategies for your entire external and internal environment.

Have the peace of mind that your organisation is protected — and stays protected — against increasingly sophisticated attacks. MyVAS provides that protection by leveraging all of the following capabilities:

Perimeter Vulnerability Testing

Tests the defined perimeter against system, application and infrastructure vulnerabilities using a combination of multiple scanning technologies.

Manual Security Analysis

Enables regular expert security scans via multiple scanning vendors including Qualys, Burp and Tenable (coming soon)

Cloud Platform Vulnerability Testing

Tests for file and system configuration, and application services vulnerabilities in public cloud and multi-cloud environments, including Amazon Web Services, Microsoft Azure, and Google Cloud.

Application Vulnerability Testing

Ensures that web applications are not subject to vulnerabilities including the OWASP top 10, such as cross-site scripting and SQL injection. Our experts also support API analysis

MyVAS® Reports

Provides detailed and customised report formats for all types of audiences (technical, management, etc.)

Threat Solution Response

Scan vulnerabilities across your entire ecosystem to eliminate false positives and provide you with a prioritised report of threats that require urgent action and associated measures.

MyVAS® Dashboard

An overview of your assets, scans and vulnerabilities in a few clicks.

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