RapidSSL Wildcard

RapidSSL Wildcard

A RapidSSL Wildcard is just one of our Wildcard certificates available. And like all Wildcards, it will provide security where the Wildcard certificate character (*) is placed for an unlimited number of subdomains.

For example, *.SSL247.com covers:

  • www.SSL247.com
  • mail.SSL247.com
  • secure.SSL247.com, etc.

One of the greatest benefits of a RapidSSL Wildcard solution is its flexibility and cost-effectiveness. It’s validated in minutes and once purchased, subdomains can be added and secured freely. Plus, with your you’re also covered across multiple servers.

But while a RapidSSL Wildcard certificate represents great value, it only provides Domain Validation (DV). If you need to secure important information, you’ll need to opt for a Wildcard with Organisation Validation (OV). DV doesn’t prove the credentials of your business and is less recognisable as being secure. The higher OV means your business has been validated. So how about the Symantec Secure Site with Wildcard, the very best Wildcard available?

To go that one step further, trade your Wildcard for a SAN certificate. Unlike the Wildcard option, a SAN certificate is compatible with Extended Validation (EV)the most recognisable symbol of security - and can secure a combination of domains, internal domains, machine names or IP addresses.

EV provides you with the famous green bar of trust – the best demonstration of security to your customers.

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