SSL247®: Symantec SSE+ Specialists

Symantec SSE+ Specialists

As Symantec SSE+ Specialists we energize the whole process of ordering SSL certificates and supporting you throughout the duration of your certificate(s). Receive:

  • quicker auditing;
  • faster installation;
  • rapid pre-vetting;
  • full technical support and;
  • customer service you’d never experience with non-accredited providers.

Our accreditation allows us take out the speed-bumps to safeguard your time.

This is because at SSL247® we are 100% determined to change the way SSL providers approach service and support. For this reason we aim to push the boundaries whenever we can. And we’ve made some impressive strides to provide the above benefits for you as a customer – especially in conjunction with our Platinum Partner, Symantec.

Not content at our platinum partnership we studied to become Symantec SSE+ Specialists by passing Symantec Sales Expert (SSE) and Symantec Sales Expert Plus (SSE+) assessments. Our team of consultants aced the tests, receiving full marks across the board.

Then in March of 2013 we became Web Security Solutions Partner of Symantec, who produced a Partner Snapshot in recognition of our expertise. This particular accreditation smooths the process and strengthens our support further by giving us first-look access to new technology, market information and to exclusive Symantec resources.

So put our specialism to the test. We’re raring to help you get the best Symantec certificate for your needs. We offer:

As well as Wildcard and SAN solutions.

Find out what our customers have had to say about our specialist expertise here.

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