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With over 15 years of experience, Comodo CA is considered one of the major brands when it comes to online security. Comodo CA's reputation extends worldwide and will immediately boost customer confidence in your website. The Comodo Secure security seal that comes with your SSL certificate is an instant sign of security for visitors to your site.

What you'll get from your Comodo certificate from SSL247®:

Choosing the right SSL Certificate

SSL247 are official Platinum Partners with the Comodoo brand and product range. This means that you can always contact one of our accredited consultants for more information or personalised, expert advice on which product is the best option for securing your business.

A-Z Guide to SSL Certificates

Comodo Secure Site Seal

A Comodo site seal to enhance trust in security across your site. The seal can be added to communicate to users that browsing your website is secure, verify that transactions are encrypted and any personal information collected is secure.

Comodo Secure Site Seal
Comodo CA Platinum Partner

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SSL247® are certified Comodo CA Platinum Partners. If you need help to decide which is the right certificate for your business, you can try our wizard or consult the 'Why Comodo?' page for more information.

You can also contact us directly to speak to one of our accredited consultants for more information and personalised advice:
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