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Creating your Certificate Signing Request (CSR)

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How to create my CSR?

Creating your CSR is the first step in securing your webserver or mailserver with SSL. Your CSR is unique and contains information about your organization and the domain you wish to secure. It must be generated on the server where your domain to be secured is hosted. If you use a hosting company, the CSR is normally generated for you by your hosting provider. Some control panels (e.g. Ensim, Plesk or CPanel) may allow you to generate your own CSR (if feature enabled). For more options on server SSL certificate installation please see below.

Web & Mail Server Software

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Most Popular Platforms

Microsoft Internet Information Services

Microsoft IIS 7.0 & 8.0
Microsoft IIS 5.0 & 6.0
Microsoft IIS 4.0
ECC - Windows Server

Microsoft Exchange Server

Microsoft Exchange 2013
Microsoft Exchange 2010
Microsoft Exchange 2007
Microsoft Outlook Web Access


Apache HTTP Server
ECC - Apache HTTP Server


Apache Tomcat Server


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