How to get your Adobe CDS certificate and install it

Once your order has been processed for a PersonalSign USB or a DepartmentSign USB Adobe CDS certificate, GlobalSign's vetting team will send a "Pick up" email to the applicant's email address. You will need this email to get your certificate.

Note: Do not start this process until you have received your USB token and additional installation instructions.

Install your Certificate on the USB Token

1. Click on the URL provided in the email.

2. Enter the Pickup Password set during the application. Click Next.

3. For Cryptographic Service Provider, choose SafeNet RSA CSP. Click Next. If prompted, click Yes at the IE Active X prompt and click Next.

4. Click Yes at the Web Access Confirmation Prompt. Click Next.

5. Log into the USB Token using the Passphrase previsouly established.

6. Wait for the process to be completed (when you see this icon) and then click on the Certificate Chain tab and continue.

7. Click Yes to install the entire certificate chain.

8. Click Install My Certificate.

9. Click Yes to allow Active X interaction.

10. At the Web Access Confirmation prompt, click Yes.

11. Log into the Token using the Passphrase previously established.

12. Click Yes at the Certificate Chain Prompt.

This process may take several minutes.

13. Click on the Icon found in the tray and continue with instructions.

14. Click OK at install sucess prompt.

Verify the certificate installation

Verify that your certificate has properly be installed onto your USB token by logging into the SafeNet Token Utilities (generally located in Program Files).