How do I backup my certificate with Chrome

How do I backup my certificate with Chrome

1. In Chrome, go toSettings.

2. On theSettingspage, belowDefault browser, clickShow advanced settings.

3. UnderHTTPS/SSL, clickManage certificates.

4. In theCertificateswindow, on thePersonaltab, select your code signing certificate and then, clickExport.

  • In theCertificate Export Wizard, on theWelcomepage, clickNext.

  • On theExport Private Keypage, selectYes, export private keyand then, clickNext.

5. On theExport File Formatpage, selectPersonal Information Exchange – PKCS #12 (.PFX), checkInclude all certificates in the certification path if possible, and then, clickNext.

6. On theSecuritypage, checkPassword. Then, in thePasswordandConfirm passwordboxes, type your password, and then clickNext.

7. On theFile to Exportpage, clickBrowse, go to where you want to save your code signing certificate (w/private key) .pfx file, provide a file name (i.e.myCodeSigningCertificate), clickSave, and then clickNext.

8. Make sure to save the .pfx file in a location that you will remember and to which you have permissions.

Note:A .pfx file uses the same format as a .p12 or PKCS12 file.

  • On theCompleting the Certificate Export Wizardpage, review the settings and then, clickFinish.

  • When you receive“The export was successful”message, clickOK.