How do I enable CodeGuard for existing customers?

After installing the CodeGuard WHMCS module and cPanel plugin, you may want to add a CodeGuard plan to your existing customer's accounts. First, you must ensure that the CodeGuard option is available for the correct hosting products. For more details on that process, please see this article.

After your hosting packages are configured to allow CodeGuard as a configurable option, you can do the following to enable CodeGuard for your customers:

1. Login to WHMCS as an administrator.

2. Navigate to Clients -> View/Search Clients and select the customer you would like to modify.

3. In the Client Profile, select the hosting package in the Products/Services section.

4. Change the CodeGuard Website Backups option from No Backups to the desired backup plan.

5. Click the Save Changes button.

After the order is processed, a ​CodeGuard account will be provisioned for this customer and backups can be managed from within the ​CodeGuard plugin in the customer's cPanel account.