How to report abuse, fraudulent or malicious use of certificates issued by Comodo

Code Signing Certificates

If you have come across malware signed with a Comodo issued Code Signing certificate please send as much detail as possible to:

[email protected]

Helpful details include:

  • link to the signed malware
  • screenshots of the certificate details showing the signer organization or certificate serial number or other details which will help us identify the certificate
  • a copy of the actual certificate if possible

SSL/TLS Certificates

If you need to report abuse related to a Comodo issued SSL/TLS Certificate such as fraud, phishing, etc. please send as much detail as possible to:

[email protected]

Helpful details include:

  • The web site where the certificate is installed
  • Details of the fraudulent behavior
  • If others have reported fraudulent activity of this web site in online forums or other online sources, links to those sources are also helpful in investigating and making determinations as to whether or not the situation warrants revocation of the certificate.

Comodo is a leading Certification Authority that helps enterprises and consumers address digital ecommerce needs with reliable solutions that authenticate digital transactions, content, and identities.

A properly installed and configured SSL/TLS certificate makes sure that transactions through a vendor's web site are secure and are made in a fashion that is safe from third-party influence. Comodo does not regulate, control or monitor the business practices of any web site operator, nor do our services relate in any way whatsoever with the content of a particular web site. We cannot guarantee that the site's actual operators are always acting with integrity and honesty in its business with the public. Ultimately, consumers must still decide which vendors should be trusted and dealt with on-line before conducting any sort of business there. Comodo's warranties cannot cover transactions where you have misjudged the intentions of the site owner or where the site owner has acted badly.

Comodo is not an insurer of bad investment sites or bad investment decisions and cannot guarantee that a site bearing our logo always has your best interests at heart. Please be sure to only transact with sites that you know and trust, regardless of the logos displayed.