Changes to Comodo CA Issuing CAs - NEW Sectigo branded issuing CAs

Changes to Comodo CA Issuing CAs - NEW Sectigo branded issuing CAs as part of our planned transition from Comodo CA to Sectigo, new customer certificates from Sectigo branded issuing CAs under our widely trusted USERTrust root Cas were issued January 14, 2019 (10:39 AM UTC).

We want to assure all customers and partners that this change happened seamlessly with no action needed.
Your existing certificates, issuing CAs, and roots remain active and trusted. The new Sectigo intermediates will be used to fulfill new requests, renewal requests, and requests that are pending from the time of this transition. Reissuance requests that are handled directly by Sectigo will be fulfilled using the same issuing CA that issued your original certificate.

If you wish to reissue any certificates from the new Sectigo issuing CAs proactively, please contact Support via or your Account Manager.

Frequently Asked Questions on the root change:

Q – Are Sectigo-issued certificates trusted?
A - All Sectigo-issued certificates maintain the ubiquitous, global trust you have come to expect with your Comodo CA certificates.

Q - What actions do I need to take?
A - No customer action is required. This change happened automatically, and all existing certificates and solutions remained in place and trusted.

Q - What will happen to my existing certificates?
A - Existing certificates remain unaffected and are NOT required to be changed or reissued.

Q - When I renew my certificate will it be issued from the new certificate chain?
A - Yes. All renewed certificates are issued from the new certificate chain starting on January 14th, 2019.

Q - What if I have a branded issuing CA for my organization?
A - These changes will not impact certificates issued from your branded issuing CA.

All our root certs are listed on

Sectigo Intermediate Certificates:
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Sectigo Intermediate Certificates - ECC
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